Nurofen Junior 40mg/ml 150ml


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Nurofen Junior fever juice reduces fever quickly in 15 minutes and long-lasting for up to 8 hours

Fever juice against fever in children over 7kg with a tried-and-tested dosing syringe for easy administration – with a delicious strawberry flavorNurofen® Junior fever and pain juice strawberry 40 mg/ml oral suspension

Active substance: ibuprofen

Areas of application: All: Short-term. symptomatic. Treatment of mild to moderate pain, fever. Warnings: In case of pain or fever, do not use longer than specified in the leaflet without medical advice! All Susp.: contains maltitol and sodium; 2% and 4% Susp. Orange add.: orange flavor (incl. wheat starch); 2% and 4% Susp. Strawberry add.: strawberry flavor (incl. propylene glycol).

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